Refuge Art Gazetteer

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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

  North Coast
Camden Bay
Coastal Plain
Eastern Arctic coast
  Peaks and Ranges
Mt. Chamberlin
Nichenthraw Mountain
Sadlerochit Mountains
Porcupine Lake
Schrader/Peters Lakes
Aichilik River
Atigun River
Canning River
Carnivore Creek
East Fork, Chandalar River
Hulahula River
Ivishak River
Jago River
Kongakut River
Marsh Creek
Marsh Fork, Canning River
Sheenjek River
Collinson Point DEW Station
Kaktovik/Barter Island
Old Rampart
Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse
Flora & fauna


Note: This list is not comprehensive. It shows locations and landmarks in the Arctic Refuge where artwork was created that is included on this site. Last updated on March 1, 2004. © 2002-2007 by Dixon J. Jones